Traveling and Eating – The Right Combination

It’s summer and that means a lot of us are taking vacations. Adults-DiningMy husband and I do a lot of traveling whether it’s long trips overseas or shorter trips across North America. One of the things we’ve learned is how to balance eating out and staying healthy. Our favorite way to do that is by taking our protein shakes along for breakfast when we’re not staying somewhere that provides breakfast. It’s convenient, provides energy and all you need is milk or water to mix with it. Lunches are often spent at a local grocery where we buy meat, cheese, specialty bread, fresh vegetables and fruit. It’s satisfying and give us a chance to see what kinds of things are available in grocery stores. Dinner is usually spent going out to a unique local venue. Of course we can still pick up special treats during the day to add special memories. How do you balance traveling and health?

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