Healthy Heart Rate

heartbeatI’ve always wondered about what effect a higher resting heart rate might have on one’s health. It made sense from a purely logical viewpoint that the higher your resting heart rate is, the more health issues you might have. While a normal resting heart rate for adults is between 60 and 100, you better hope yours is on the lower end of the range. A 2013 study in the journal Heart concluded that “Elevated RHR [resting heart rate] is a risk factor for mortality independent of physical fitness, leisure-time physical activity and other major cardiovascular risk factors.”

That finding makes me want to do whatever it takes to get and keep my resting heart rate to the low end of the scale. One of the ways I measure that is through my activity tracker that I wear all day and night. Walking and elliptical are my go to exercises to improve my cardiovascular health.  What kinds of things work for you to get and keep your resting heart rate low?

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