Kitchen Clutter and Weight Loss

Dirty_dishesIf you are looking for greater success in weight loss, one strategy might be to tidy up your kitchen.

A recent study from Cornell University discovered that cluttered environments can influence snacking behavior. Study participants were placed in either an organized kitchen or a cluttered kitchen, and then further divided into groups where they were either in control or out of control situations. They were then given various snacks: cookies, crackers and carrots. Those in the chaotic kitchen and out of control mindset consumed more calories from cookies than anyone else. There was no change in the amount of crackers and carrots consumed. Those feeling in control, however, where able to resist more.

The lessons from this: 1) keep your kitchen and home neat and organized; and 2) learn to stay relaxed in stressful situations. These tips will help you stay on course as you work to shed those extra pounds!

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