Stay Hydrated in the Heat

WomanDrinkingWaterSummer 2016 in Yakima has not been as hot as some previous years, but right now the high 90’s temperatures are giving us a steady blast of daily heat.

This is an important reminder to keep hydrated in this heat, especially if you are spending time outdoors. Water is essential for helping to regulate our body temperature, and we need so much more during this weather. Sweating enables us to cool, but in the process we lose water and important electrolytes.

Do not wait until you feel thirsty to grab a cup of water. HaveĀ a drink before going outside, and keep a bottle close by as you do your daily activities. If you are engaged in physical activity in the heat and find yourself sweating, a sports drink can help you replace electrolytes and boost your energy.

Enjoy summer while we still have it. It’s only just over five weeks before we officially get to fall!

If you are looking for better tasting water or a quality sports drink, we have several options that can keep you better hydrated.

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  1. August 16, 2016

    […] recent study published in the Annals of Family Medicine examined hydration in relation to obesity and Body Mass Index (BMI). In short, they discovered that […]