Sugar, Insulin Resistance and Type II Diabetes

sugarsIt’s generally understood that too much sugar leads to insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome and type II diabetes. The most recent research published in The Journal of Clinical Investigation has shown additional information based on studies in both mice and humans. It had been thought that insulin was compromised and contributed to disease, but this study showed that a protein (carbohydrate-responsive-element-binding-protein or ChREBP) once it was triggered by fructose (a type of sugar), the pancreas could produce large amounts of insulin, but did not stop the rise of glucose.  “These results demonstrate that increased fructose consumption can induce metabolic disease including impaired glucose and lipid homeostasis”. Not only sucrose (common table sugar) can contribute to insulin resistance. It can also be triggered by high amounts of natural sugars, like fructose,  which is found naturally in fruits and vegetables, and  added to a lot of processed foods like soft drinks. Being mindful about the amount of any type of sugar that we consume is very important for our continued good health.

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