The Evidence for Long-term Supplement Usage

supplementsLiterally thousands of studies have been conducted on some aspect of dietary supplements. While most have demonstrated positive effects, the odd study with conflicting results has been snapped up by the media, causing confusion for many consumers. And, some so-called experts have stated that supplements are not really necessary.

If you are looking for convincing evidence that regular, long-term supplement use has value, look no further than the Landmark Study led by Dr. Gladys Block of the University of California, Berkeley, School of Public Health, and published in the Nutrition Journal. The study compared the health of long-term (20+ years) users of multi-supplements from Shaklee Corporation [the company we represent], users of a simple multivitamin/mineral supplement, and those who did not take supplements at all.  Among other things, the researchers found that the long-term supplement users “were more likely to have optimal concentrations of chronic disease-related biomarkers, and less likely to have suboptimal blood nutrient concentrations, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes compared to non-users and multivitamin/mineral users.”

Nutritional supplement usage has increased as more and more people realize that the reality of today’s world means that it is increasingly difficult to get optimal levels of the nutrients we need. The overwhelming evidence, as demonstrated in the above mentioned study, is that consistent, sound use of supplements does make a difference.

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