Yakima Greenway – A Great Excuse to Keep Fit

greenwayOne of the true jewels of living here is the Yakima Greenway, a pathway and park system running along the Yakima and Naches rivers! For years, dedicated local leaders have worked to see this take shape, and by November 1st the last pieces of the trail will be completed, making it 20 miles long, running between Union Gap and Naches. Congratulations to the many volunteers and contributors who have helped make this happen!

The Greenway is more than just a recreational oasis for people of all ages to enjoy, it provides a wonderful backdrop for keeping fit. If you are needing to get in shape, or are bored of hitting your treadmill, getting out to walk or run along the river can be good for both your body and soul.

Do you need a better excuse to get physically active?

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