Antioxidants and Glucose Response

berriesThere are so many health issues associated with the lack of glucose control in bodily systems. Some people with diabetes, or those who are overweight/obese, may have difficulty controlling their glucose levels or hyperglycemia. This can spiral and┬álead to even more health problems. A study published in Functional Foods in Health found that “Amla berry-, Grape seed- Rooibos tea- and Green tea- extracts as well as Propolis tincture were all strong glycemic modulators”. The conclusion is that these antioxidants did help to regulate the glucose response in the healthy┬átest subjects. Further research will need to be done to see the effects of antioxidants on people with diabetes or who are overweight/obese. Until that research is complete, you may want to add a variety of antioxidants to your diet and/or supplement regimen.

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