Where Do You Buy Your Supplements?

Alongside providing you valuable nutrition and health information, we operate a business providing advanced health products to people in Yakima and beyond.

Most Americans consume some type of dietary supplement, whether a multi-vitamin, a specific nutrient (such as vitamin C or calcium), herbs, etc. These products are available almost everywhere, and often consumers just purchase whatever is easily available or offered at a discounted price.

But, are you certain of the quality of the supplements you take? Do they actually contain what is in the label? Are they pure, free of harmful compounds like pesticides, etc.? Are they clinically tested for efficacy? Do they really work?

If you want to experience nutritional supplements from one of the oldest, largest and most trusted companies in the industry, then we invite you to discover Shaklee. We are proud to represent the company as distributors, and have used the products ourselves for almost 40 years. There is a Shaklee difference and it is based on three words: Safe. Proven. Guaranteed.

We live right here in the Yakima area, and offer personalized service. And, with Shaklee we offer HealthPrint, a computerized system that will help you tailor the perfect supplementation program for your needs and budget.

Contact us today to learn more by calling us at 509.388.0102, or visit our product website: www.mornature.com

We look forward to get to know you!


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