More Evidence of the Positive Role of Vitamin C When You Have a Cold

For decades people have sworn to the benefits of vitamin in relationship to the common cold. Some research has confirmed this, while others have cast doubt. Now, add to this another study recently published in the journal Nutrients. Researchers from the University of Helsinki did a meta-analysis of two studies, and discovered that the key is the dosage size, with 6-8 g/daily demonstrating significant results compared to lower dosages. The researchers believe that the reason some other studies have not shown favorable results is because they did not test these higher amounts. Overall vitamin C “halved the number of colds in physically active people” and “shortened the duration of colds.” The exact mechanisms behind these biological effects is not yet known, and, while vitamin C is water soluble, one should be careful of taking such quantities over extended periods of time until long-term effects are known. In any case, if you are struggling with spring cold there might be help out there for you!

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