The Health Benefits of Maple Syrup?

This is a somewhat unusual nutrition news story that illustrates the many potential, unexpected health benefits of certain foods. Several studies presented at the annual meeting of the American Chemical Society revealed the effects of maple syrup. In fact, the meeting featured a symposium entitled, “Chemistry and Biological Effects of Maple Food Products.” One study showed that maple syrup helps reduce chronic inflammation, which could have impact on such things as metabolic syndrome, brain health and liver disease. Other research demonstrated the prebiotic benefits from the complex carbohydrate inulin in maple syrup, and the ways in which maple syrup may enhance antibiotic action in the body.

These findings are not intended to suggest that we all rush out and drink copious amounts of maple syrup. It’s delicious, but also really high in calories! But, what we can learn from this is that there is so much about nutrition and foods that we are still learning, and that many of the health solutions we are looking for may be already available in our food supply. We will watch to see future discoveries, and how these benefits can be obtained practically.

(Source: EurekAlert)

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