Certain fiber protects against obesity and metabolic syndrome

We have long known that dietary fiber is essential for good health. This includes an association with weight management and blood sugar control. There are likely a number of mechanisms at play here, but a recent study published in Cell Host & Microbe provides one important explanation. Researchers found that enriching the diet of mice with the fermentable fiber inulin prevented metabolic syndrome induced by a high-fat diet, which in turn is a major contributor to obesity. Inulin promoted the growth of “good” bacteria in the gut, increasing the production of intestinal epithelial cells and restoring expression of the protein interleukin-22. The same level of results were not seen in insoluble cellulose fiber, which is more common in our diets. Inulin is available in some foods, like artichokes and chicory root, but supplementation may help individuals receive the optimal levels.

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